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AB Horse Hauling, Amber Broussard, Phone: 832-908-0145, Email: [email protected]

American Canadian Transportation, Don H Buckner, Oregon.  Phone:  480-476-6658, Email:  [email protected]

Blue Ribbon Horse Trailering, LLC, Miriam White, Virginia.  Phone:  571.275.8871, Email: 

Circle M Stables, LLC, Fawn McLoughlin and Chuck Mallory, Florida.  Phone:  239-285-6300/239-253-4947, Email:  [email protected]

Cowboy Up Transport, TX, Danny Gilreath, Phone:  903-427-4994, Email:  [email protected]

Cross Country Horses, TX, Renee' Stuckey, [email protected]

D. Edmondson Horse Transportation LLC, ID, Dee & Debra Edmondson, [email protected]

DDP Equine Transport, LLC, OR, Danny & Debbie Price, [email protected]

Eight Horse Equine Transportation, Virginia Grigsby Rodriguez, KY, Phone:  859-878-1057, Email:  [email protected]  DOT #3103952, MC #82299

Elite Equine Transport, Old West Ranch Company, Montana, Gary Liebrand, [email protected]

​Giddy Up 'N Go, LLC, Cindy Dawson, PA,  [email protected]

Gilfry Horse & Cattle Transportation, AZ, Ofelia Gilfry, [email protected]

​Higgins Reining Horses and Transport, Eagle Rock, VA, Glen Higgins, [email protected]​​

Horseshoe Hill Farm, GA, Wade Morris, [email protected]

Mechlin Farm, MO, Kenny Mechlin, [email protected]

Lone Star Ranch/Transport, GA, Rodney Wilbanks, [email protected]
Montana Express Horse Transport, MT, Randy Siemsen, [email protected] DOT# 1960558

Rustic Blue Transport, SK - Canada, Randy Muyres & Morag Currin, [email protected], (306) 526-7006

S&S Equine Transport LLC, NY, Stuart Blick, [email protected] -   USDOT #2963695  MC #6224

Trails End Equine Transport, GA, Joe & Lucy Fenton, [email protected]

Wings Of An Angel Transport, WY, Dan LaPierre, [email protected]

Gone Gypsy Horse Transport, FL, Theresa Yates, [email protected]

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Horse transporters who are available for your particular needs will reply directly to you with their price quotes.  When you start receiving quotes, come back here to compare each company's listings on the horse transportation company page.  Be aware that horse transporters would need separate cargo insurance to cover your inanimate objects.
If you should receive a quote from a transporter that is not on this list, please contact us by email to report this quote.  We take pride in providing excellent transporters.  If they are not on this list, there may be a good reason.​​
Seniority Transporters
Transporters who have been listed in good standing with us since 2004 or a period of 3 years minimum.  All newer listings start at the bottom. 

Montana Express Horse Transport, Billings, Montana.  Phone: 1-866-325-0108, Email: [email protected], Website:  Serving USA. We are a family owned and operated business with a lifetime experience in the horse industry and pride ourselves in safe, reliable , stress-free horse transportation. We transport with a 2015 1-ton Dodge Dually and pull a Cimarron 7 horse slant load trailer, extra tall and wide to ensure your horses comfort, with full stall dividers and the ability to have box stalls and regular stalls, whichever is need for your horses comfort and safety. We do our best to make trips direct or as close to direct as possible so your horse(s) are not in our trailer for days at time being hauled all over the US before reaching their destination. Our trailer has 2 full stud stalls for the protection of your studs and/or mares. We use fresh shavings on a daily basis. Our trailer is kept clean! We stop every 3 hours or so to offer water, fill hay bags, and check on the condition of the horses. If the driving goes longer than expected your horse(s) will be unloaded and walked/exercised as needed We do use reputable layover facilities each evening. We provide door to door services and daily communication with horses owners. Our equipment is maintained to the highest of standards to provide great service and excellent safety of your horses.  DOT# 0000.

Trails End Equine Transport, Sale City, Georgia.  Phone: 229-336-2941, Email: [email protected]  Serving USA.  Experienced professional horse people providing quality care and service nation wide.  We have regularly scheduled routes from FL/GA going west and from FL/GA going north.  Trucks are managed by experienced horsemen/horsewomen, have mobile communications and stop every 3 to 4 hours to check horses, water, and hay.  Trails End specializes in QUALITY transportation with professional horse people experienced in all areas of the shipping process ready to serve you.  DOT# 0000.

Lone Star Ranch/Transport, Commerce, Georgia.  Phone: 706-202-4365, Email: [email protected], Website:  Serving all 48 states of USA.  Lone Star Ranch is a family owned ranch in north Georgia specializing in horses for the beginners.  We transport in a new 6 horse slant all aluminum Exiss, with padded walls, floor, on board water system, full length dividers.  Safe dependable horse transport with plenty of references from years of transporting.  We are fully licensed & insured.  May God bless your horse adventure!  US DOT#961125.

DDP Equine Transport, LLC, Sprague River, Oregon.  Phone: 541-891-3127, 541-891-8199, 541-891-1012, Email: [email protected], Website:  Serving all of the USA.  Hi, our names are Danny & Debbie Price and our son, Matt.   We pride ourselves on providing safe, reliable, on-time transportation at a very competitive price.  DDP Equine Transport, LLC is more than qualified in all areas.  We have been breeding, training and showing championship horses including Macho Town Chica, APHA Supreme Ch./Superior All-Around for 30 years.  We have 30 yrs Class “A” commercial, accident & citation free driving experience, including “ice” roads.  Our equipment is the best in the industry!  Our new custom-built 2014 4Star (8’ tall and wide with oversize slant stalls 6-horse trailer) gives your Warmbloods, Thoroughbreds and Draft breeds plenty of room.  A back loading ramp, drop down windows with bars on both the rear and front of each stall and two overhead vents on each stall and three huge exhaust fans which allows us to regulate the temperature and airflow in the fully insulated trailer.  We have an onboard 140 gallon water tank which allows us to water your horses with good spring water no matter where we stop.  Every stall has a solid stud wall divider on the bottom and front and bars that go clear to the top and back completely enclosing your horse.  This ensures the safety of your animal and makes it perfect for minis and foals that need to lie down and also makes it safe to leave your horse untied.  We have a huge box stall for mares with foals as well.  You will be talking personally with only Danny, Debbie & Matt, not some office or terminal, making your transport a very personal and reassuring experience.  Put your horse in the hands of knowledge, experience and someone who truly cares.  DOT# 1910864.

D. Edmondson Horse Transportation LLC, Rathdrum, Idaho.  Phone: 208-699-6956, 208-818-1464, Email: [email protected], Website:  Serving Pacific Northwest, CA, AZ, CO, WY, UT & MT.  D. Edmondson Horse Transport LLC is a new company with an owner/operator who has been in the horse transport business (driver) for 30 years.  DOT# 2112046.

Cross Country Horses, Whiteboro, Texas.  Phone: 214-535-0982 or 903-421-1454, Email: [email protected], Website:  Serving coast to coast 48 states.  We are a small family owned and operated business with over 37 years experience in the horse industry.  We raise performance horses and have a fleet of trucks covering the United States.  (We have at least one rig in California weekly.)  DOT# 0000.

Mechlin Farm, MO, Kenny Mechlin, [email protected] 
Mechlin Farm, Wright City, Missouri.  Phone: 314-766-0031, Email: [email protected], Website:  Serving coast to coast.  At Mechlin Farms we offer a wide range of hauling services.  We will do coast to coast hauling.  We have been in the hauling business for 10 years.  We stop to water ever two hours and check horses.  Will not make a ton of stops on the way so your horse will not be stuck on the trailer for longer than necessary.  We always use the same driver who knows horses and how to look for problems.  DOT# 0000.