I was very apprehensive about someone transporting my horses. I used Broken Road Ranch. Rusty and Nick were incredible. I would use them again and recommend them to anyone wanting personalized service.
Gina Cooper
Eagle Point, OR

We have used TravelingHorse.com more times than we can count!  We always recommend it to prospective buyers as well.  Thanks! :)
Best regards,
Equus USA, LLC
I'm guessing you get this a lot, but THANK YOU for creating your website.  You've seriously been a breath of fresh air in the midst of all this money making horse business crap.   I'm happy to pay for quality and even happier to ride along! :)  Call me over protective but I don't have kids - I have horses :)
Thank you Jeannie!
~Holly Myles
Chicago (area), IL
“Thank you so much - your website and you are a blessing!”
Kendra Wilson
Twice I have needed a horse shipped and twice now your site has pulled thru for me.  Both times I have shipped, the haulers were professional, super nice and my horses arrived safe and sound.  Thanks for all the work you've done with your site...it works beautifully!"
Shannon Graves
Graves Foundation Quarter Horses
Springville, IN
"Thanks Jeannie, for having this site.  What a wonderful and convenient place to go when looking for horse transportation.  I received several quotes within a few hours and made travel arrangements before the day was over.  Very much appreciated."
St. Albert, Alberta
"Thanks so very much for having your website, (without it) I would have been up the Creek with No paddle.  John and I have no time to ship horses from our farm - so we hand it over to the EXPERTS!"
Bonnie & John Lorenzen
Just The Right Horse
American Saddlebred Farm
"Thank you SO much for putting this site together!  I know how many hours you spent doing research and putting together all of this, but I must tell you the pleasure it is to tell a client who just bought a horse and needs RELIABLE transport that you KNOW where to go to find RELIABLE and communicative transport!!!!  I've been showing/breeding/raising Peruvian Pasos for over 35 years here in CA and, from time to time, have needed transport for stuff.  We've had our share of horror stories and had one of the best stallions in the breed get 'lost' on a shipping route!  Talk about horrible!  Anyway, all that just to say a HUGE thanks for easing our minds in the search for reliable transporters!!  This website is an ASSET to every horse that steps foot in a trailer and makes their way to their new homes! "
"I am so glad for your website.  It is amazing and I got at least a dozen quotes in a 24-48 hour period.  The shipper I ended up choosing was fantastic.  Great communication, super friendly people, excellent care of the horse during transit, and arrived in wonderful condition.  You can tell these shippers really care about the horses they are transporting.  They went out of their way to help in many many ways.  I would never have found Rockin' J Transportation if it had not been for your website.  And I would not have had as good of luck with my horse getting to me.  Again, thank you for the website and also thank you to Rockin' J Transportation.  I would like for as many people as possible to know how much your site helped me and how very happy I was with it.  I hope many more people are able to find your site and use your services.  I will be recommending your site to anyone I know of, that is looking to find good transportation people."
Sue Herrick (and Dutchess)
Troy, Missouri
"What a wonderful site!  Thank you so much for putting this site together!  The first transporter got back to me within minutes of my request.  Several other companies have contact me today.  Before I found your site, I had spent several days making calls for transport with no luck!  I can't thank you enough.  Not only did I find what I needed, but the service is so professional and a quality ride for your horse!"
Karonne Brennman
"WOW!   I placed my listing on Tuesday evening and by the next afternoon there were replies from more than 15 different equine transport outfits!  Today is Thursday and I am still getting numerous replies daily.  Thank you for providing this easy to use equine site where we can all come together to help each other out!"
Betsy Miller
King Bruce Farm
"I wanted you to know how much I love your site!  I tried to ship a horse out of Florida that wasn't near a racetrack about 8 years ago and it took me 2 months to get someone to do it.  I wish you had been around then.  Great idea and great site.  I will recommend it to all my friends who have the same dilemma I did!"
Beth- western NY
"Jeannie, just a thank you for your website.  Since we got our overnight stables listed with you we have been so busy.  We have had a lot of horse transporting people stopping.  I believe it is because of our listing with you.   Thank you for helping speed up our overnight stable business."
Crowley's Ridge Overnight Stables
Forrest City, Arkansas
"I just wanted to say thanks for such an awesome website.  We purchased a horse in Marana Arizona and really didn’t have a way to get him home to Canada.  I Googled 'horse transporters' and your site came up.  I entered my info on Thursday evening and by Friday afternoon I had a dozen quotes and by that evening we found a wonderful couple to haul our horse for us.  Our horse arrived safe and sound and we couldn’t be more pleased.
Thanks again,"
Jana & Cole Bevans
Lethbridge Alberta Canada
"Just wanted to say thank you for such a great site and service.  I was in a bind to get a horse to a breeding facility by a certain time.  I became sick and didn't feel like I could make the 11 hour trip.  I was so grateful to be turned on to your site.  I posted my rate request around 10 am yesterday and I had the trip booked with a hauler by 2 pm.  The mare was picked up at 9 pm last night and will arrive according to my original schedule.  I also received two other contacts yesterday evening for service.  What a relief to know that I can rely on this site."
Jayne Segura
Paradise Farm, Inc.
Horse Boarding and Full Mare Care Facility
Broussard,  LA
"I wanted to send along my thanks for such a terrific site.  Traveling Horse was recommended to me by another Carriage Driving List member when I was searching for transportation for my four horses across the US for our relocation.  Since two of the horses are aged and have some special handling needs, I was very nervous about locating a trustworthy hauler.  'Horsepower Transportation' was one of the many, many bids I received through your site and after months of communication and checking references, I entrusted my precious cargo to their handling.  I couldn't be happier.  All four horses arrived healthy, happy, hydrated and in excellent shape."
Patricia Anselm
western NY state
"Thank you so much for this wonderful website!  I have never used a transport company before and was totally surprised and thankful when I received approximately 15 quotes from folks who could possibly transport my horses within the strange time frame I was working in.  I never realized there were so many traveling horses.  MANY THANKS FOR WHAT YOU DO.  KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!"
Margee Bibbey
Burley, ID
"I have used your website SEVERAL times for quotes and I truly appreciate your having something like this out there for the horse owner.  Thanks again for a great site."
Sheila Kelleher
Innishfael Farm
"Just wanted to compliment your site.  We recently used Pure Pleasure Horse Transport, out of Missouri, to move our mare from Southeastern Virginia over to Northwestern North Carolina.  The entire transaction was smooth and trouble-free, from initial quote, to booking, pickup and delivery.  The driver was a thorough professional.  I would recommend your site and this particular transporter to anyone."
Mark Davidoski, 
Virginia Beach, VA
"Hi, I want to thank you so much for having this website.  Our horse had to travel quite a distance and having never done this before it was a Godsend to have this resource.  Montana Express Horse Transport did an absolutely wonderful job and took all the worry out of this long haul.  Again thank you for this important website."
St. Ignatius, Montana
"We are in the Rope Horse Sales business and sell many horses all over the country.  Traveling Horse is a crucial tool in our business.  We are able to locate transporters and request quotes for our clients within minutes.  We have had many horses delivered safely to anxiously awaiting clients all over the country thanks to the help of Traveling Horse.  We now direct everyone needing to ship a horse to your website."
Steve and KimTemple
Marana, Arizona
"I used Traveling Horse.com for the first time last week.  I had made a reservation with a large hauling company and they decided at the last minute they would be unable to pick up a recently purchased horse for 5-6 days from the date arranged, at the ninth hour.  I was upset and panicked so I had heard about this site and began calling hauling companies and had so many great, nice people return my call quickly.  Thank you for this site!!"
Mari-Pat Weber
Phoenix, AZ
"Just wanted to compliment you on your site!  It is GREAT!!!!!!!  THANK YOU, THANK YOU for putting all the info on transport companies out there in one place!  I have Arabians and have used a couple of the transport companies off your site.  It has been very helpful, particularly when I have a horse going to or coming from somewhere that my regular hauler either doesn't serve or won't have anything in that direction for the right time frame.  It's a good way to get competitive quotes quickly!
Thanks again!"
Lisa Butterfield
Riverton, UT
"Your website is truly a blessing!  I had no way to get my horse to me.  Filled in your short request form and I got many, many responses.  Thanks again Traveling Horse!  Your website is AWESOME.  Couldn't have done it without ya!!!"
Linda Westergren
Holdrege, NE
"I have used your site several times and have been so very happy with the results.  I had used the same hauler for a number of years and when he retired I was beside myself.  I have used several haulers that have contacted me from your site and been extremely pleased with each.  I just wanted to say thanks!"  :)
Dawnell Scroggin
Rein N Color Ranch
"Your website provides a great service.  I really appreciated the quick responses from haulers when I needed to ship my horse from Idaho to Washington.  I posted my request on Thursday late afternoon and my horse was picked up early Saturday morning!  Cowboy Express, out of Montana, were wonderful to work with and very reasonable.  In my situation, I needed to move my horse very quickly.  Cowboy Express needed to go back to Montana for a night before coming to Washington after picking up my horse.  They were very good in communicating their status to me until they arrived in Washington and they took good care of my horse.  I recommend Cowboy Express and I would definitely use your Traveling Horse website again. 
Bellevue, WA
"I recently used your service to locate transport for my mare from Colorado to Minnesota.  Your site made it easy to find quick transport and the transporter did an incredible job of taking care of my mare and communicating with me.  Thanks for your wonderful service for horse owners!!!"
Rae Lenway
"Thank you so much for creating this wonderful site! I was referred to this site when I began searching for Rocky Mountain horses to raise in Washington state. Wow, you sure made it easy on me, one stop shopping at my finger tips, the only way to shop! My first Rocky mare and foal were delivered to me healthy, without injuries, prompt, hauler stayed in constant contact!  Please keep up the good work, we horse people really appreciate what you do."
Teri Ewing
"Just a critter lover"
"Hi! Your site is AMAZING!  I put a transportation request in yesterday~and my horse is being picked up TODAY!!  Oh, and the wonderful prices!  WOW!  I thank you for your time and your website!  (I previously had a company in line to ship my horse and puppy and she took our money, put us off for 2 months and then cancelled yesterday!)  Thanks soooooo much!  Now I'll get to have my babies here in Montana with me!!  This site is wonderful!  :)"
Becky Sproul
"I just wanted to say thanks for your great site – we were stuck with one of our horses in Missouri and the big haulers, who brought him there, could or would not bring him back as promised due to a lite load.  Your site was great for us to make contact with other haulers – by the way – we have asked the “new” hauler to pick up another horse for us – due to their great service !!!
God Bless,"
Bill and Susan Cade
Ocala, Florida
"Thank you so much for the use of your site.  When I started looking for someone to move my 21 year old Walking Horse Gelding from Virginia to Oregon, it seemed like a daunting task.  Your site made it much easier.  I received a number of quotes and decided to use the the services of Gary Pinch from the Tamarack Ranch.  He arrived here when he said he would and my gelding arrived in Oregon on time and in great shape.  Gary called me every day to give me a status report which helped to ease my mind.  My horse has been with me for many years and it looks like he will be around for a good many more thanks to Gary's excellent care on this long ride home.  We both are very happy with the experience."
Shirley Blume 
"Wonderful site! I almost instantly started getting quotes, and couldn't be more pleased with the shipper I chose.  Joe from Trails End Equine Transport was a professional in every sense of the word.  The communication was excellent and my 21 year old horse, despite being moved from coast to coast, came out of the trailer fresh and looking wonderful."
"Thanks for such a great service!!  Within 24 hours of posting my request, I received 15 quotes from shippers.  It will be hard to make a decision on whom to hire to haul for me."
Charla Gilleland
"I never thought I would be looking for a horse transporter to haul a horse clear across the USA!  I was beside myself when I found the perfect horse for my husband near Seattle, WA.   Before going out to visit her, I decided to search the web for information. I had no idea where to start.   I am so thankful TravelingHorse.com came up.   I couldn't believe how simple you have made it for those of us looking for a hauler.  One easy to fill out form.   I think I had quote responses that evening.  Then, all I had to do was refer back to your site to check out the transporters.   Everyone I spoke with was courteous and helpful.  I had two transporters on standby just in case we decided to buy the horse.   HorseinAround Horse Transporters delivered Fonn, our new Icelandic mare shipped from Seattle, WA to Tarentum, PA,   Saturday evening safe and sound.   I have recommended your site to all of my friends and in a couple of posts on HorseCity.com.  My husband and I can't thank you enough."
Becky and Sam Andrew
Tarentum, PA
Thank-you for your awesome site! I had several bids within 24 hours of posting my need for transportation of my filly from South Dakota to Texas.  They were timely in picking up and delivering despite having to drive through some horrible storms here in Texas.  My filly arrived safe, sane and sound.  Thanks so much!  I highly recommend your site!
Ann Conaway
"Excellent site for locating reputable service providers  Had booked with one company who experienced a breakdown and were going to be delayed  As timing was critical we were able to locate an alternate shipper to transport from New York State to Wisconsin.  Horse arrived in excellent shape and all communication, from both companies, was professional and helpful.
Thank you!"
Mary Ann Ridley, Rochester, NY area.
"First, I want to thank you.  Your site is just awsome!  I posted a request for bids and I'm VERY impressed with all the responses I got.  What a wonderful tool for all of us horse movers and shakers!  :o)  I can't tell you enough praises for your idea behind this site.  You can count on me to suggest your site whenever it's appropriate.  Again, thanks for your help in my time of need.  You're great!"
Best Regards,
Marie Thompson
"I would like to comment on how much time, energy and stress this website takes away from purchasing a horse out of state.  Whereas it would have taken me weeks to find a good hauler with reasonable quotes, it only took me seconds to fill out the transportation quote request form and only a couple of days to decide on a hauler.  I would recommend this site to ANYONE looking to transport a horse.  Whether buying out of state or just moving your existing horses from point A to point B, this is the most useful site out there."
Thank you!
Victoria M.
"Without your website I never had so many choices on shipping our horse.
Thanks again......."
Linda Bennett
"Your service is amazing!  We found ourselves needing to ship six horses (4 Belgians, a four month old foal and a pony) ASAP.  Within hours of posting a request we had seven responses from transporters.  48 hours later our horses were here.  All of the haulers we spoke/emailed with were more than helpful and seemed as though they would be wonderful people to do business with.  We couldn't be happier with the invaluable service you have provided and people in our area were stunned with the speed that this took place.  A heartfelt thank you to you and your wonderful network of haulers."
Kathy & Art Kennedy
Aiken, SC
"I really like your services.  I have used you before and I get quick replies from several transport companies so I can offer quick deliveries anywhere I sell a horse to.  Thanks for being available."
Jim Wilson
"I recently had the opportunity to use your service and was really impressed with the speed that I had haulers contact me to move my horse from Wisconsin to Ontario, Canada. The filly got off the trailer as fresh as if she'd just driven across town.  Thanks again!"
Ursula Pidgeon
Ontario, Canada
"Thanks for the great website and service.  Most of our transports come from your referrals."
Cheryl McCall
Rolling Hills Stables, Inc.
"Thank you very much for your excellent service!  I received several GOOD quotes for transporting an AQHA gelding from Bend, OR to Trabuco Canyon, CA and the gelding's new owner has chosen which company is offering not only a good price but experienced and timely service. Thank you again."
"I would like to thank you for your service.  After being defrauded by the first hauling company that was supposed to be reputable, I found your site.  I filled out the form and had haulers contacting me.  Your site is an asset to horse people everywhere.  It's simple, only one form to fill out and wait.  Keep up the good work."
Wendy Holm
Limestone, Michigan
"Thank you for a great site!  Traveling Horse is easy to use and a great way to save time."
Shellie Gamache
Crescent City, CA
"I just wanted to let you know you have a great site!  Provides for a much needed and great service!!"
"Thanks, Traveling Horse, for providing such a valuable service!"
Dana Jones
"I wanted to thank you for creating your site that provides such a valuable service to those of us who occasionally need to find someone they can trust to move our horses.  I recently found myself in that situation and put out a request on your site.  Within 1 day I had several replies so I could compare companies and quotes.  Three days from the time I placed my request my mare was safely and professionally delivered to her new home.
Thank you again for this valuable service."
Pat Smetzer
"I was in a real hurry to get my mare back home from California to Oregon.  I stumbled on the link for TravelingHorse.com while surfing the net to get my mare home.  I put in a request for transportation at the link and within 3 days my mare was picked up and on the way home.
Thank you Traveling Horse!"
Joanie Shugarman
  Elizabeth Rorem-Hull
"Thank you for your web site services.  This made things so much easier to find a shipper.  It was very easy to enter all the information and the shippers sent me bids.  We can't thank you enough.  I'll forward your site to all my horse friends. 
Thank you again!"
Rabecca McKenzie
Parkton, NC
"I just wanted to send you a note and let you know that my horses are on their way from Oregon to Iowa.  I'm not using a shipper but I used your overnight stables to stay overnight every night and it was so easy and soooooo convenient.  I was dreading making plans for them and this is so much easier.  My horses are getting great care and so are my mother and my grandmother. (The ones bringing them to me.)  My horses have logged almost 100,000 miles traveling to and from horse shows and then even went to college with me.  So I know how hard it can be to make arrangements for them.   THANK YOU AGAIN."    (Later......)  "We have now made it home with the horses and they are happy and relaxed.  Thank you so much again."
Carroll, IA
"I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you what a great service your Traveling Horse web site is.  Thank you for saving me so much time!!!  I was just going to start the agonizing hassle of finding a custom hauler to take a gelding to Oregon and I came across your web-site.  Thank you.  I obviously have not gotten any quotes as of yet but I am looking very forward to them.  
(written minutes after transport quote request was submitted)
Thanks again,"
Paula - Anderson Ranch Horses & Cow Dogs Ltd.
Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
"Thanks for providing a 'one stop' site. I was very fortunate last fall in finding a GREAT hauler on your site for a new horse we purchased and hope to be as fortunate again this year.  I'm already getting some positive responses and shouldn't be any problems finding a timely affordable shipper.  Really appreciate your site and that you keep it updated."
Nancy M
"Wow!  What can one say?  The perfect site for locating a shipper.   Thank you for your web site!"
Brian Hamlin
"Thank you for your amazing site.  I have a ride for my horse already after only 1 hour of looking.  What a super idea you had!
Thanks again,"
Marcie Doiron
"I have never had to move horses but now I am moving from TX to FL and I am going to transport my three "kids" myself.  I have heard of the horsey hotels and never knew how to go about finding these types of places.  Your website is unreal, it has helped me in a stressful time! (moving the kids that is)  I am looking for layover stables aka horsey hotels.  THANK YOU FOR THIS WEB SITE.  I WILL PASS THIS SITE ALONG AND ALONG!"
Lisa Torino
"I think your service is great.  I received very fast responses and good prices.  I'm telling all my horse friends about your website."
Linda Evans
"Your site is incredible.  I will definitely tell my friends about it.  We seem to be off the beaten track in Memphis so I am thrilled to find you.
Thank you,"
Anne Snowden
"Thank you so much for such a wonderful web site.  I requested a hauler on Sunday and my horse was delivered Tuesday night!  That was from GA to NJ.  The company that hauled the horse was excellent, which was Prairie Creek out of Sallisaw, OK.  I also had a lot of responses from some very nice people.
Thank You Again,"
Barnesville, GA
Good Afternoon Connie, I just visited the site today because I referred a friend who is working in the equine transportation industry and while I was hauling, this site helped my business flourish (DNA Ranch & Hauling LLC). I was hoping to say thank you and hello, but saw your post and was very sad to hear that Jeannie passed away. Please accept my very late condolences. She was one of the most helpful people when I was getting my business off the ground. Ride on my friend you will be missed! Andrea