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This site was originally created by Jeannie Haugen, a horsewoman who traveled with her horses all around the Northern and North Central states of the United States.  Her first horse, "Whiskey" and Jeannie found the horse transportation industry lacking in connections and availability, hence the reason for to come to life.  Jeannie passed in 2016 so her sister, Connie Dixon, picked up the reins and is continuing the work with this website.  ​​

This site is dedicated to Jeannie Haugen by her family.  We know she is now riding the clouds of heaven with her beloved horse Whisky.  We would also like to thank all of the transporters, horse people and stable owners who made her website possible and were such dedicated friends to her, I know she appreciated it.

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Directory Request
Thank you for visiting our site and we hope you find what you need here.  If not, please be sure to contact me and I will try to assist you more.  
  1. Transporters
    Transporting a horse or other animal is always a frustrating and sometimes fearful thing to do. To some of us, our horses, dogs, etc are like an extension of ourselves and are very important. This is why we take pride in knowing the transporters on our list as much as possible. Some have been with us since 2002 and some are newer.
  2. Lay-over and Boarding Stables
    Traveling Horse Transport & Stables Directory has become known in the horse world as a place to find the 2 main needs for a horse that travels. There is always a need for good Stables in this listing directory.
  3. Trainers
    This area is currently under construction This will have a list of trainers around the USA/Canada available for the different riding disciplines.